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Brilliant textures, easily.

Are you still using a flatbed scanner or a simple camera to capture materials? With xTex you will be equally fast and additionally get physically based color-, transparency-, specular-, normal- and displacement textures of constant high quality.

Tiling is tedious?

These times are gone. xTex does not only support you, it does almost everything itself. You just need to select a proper region of the material and xTex will automatically make the textures seamless. And the tiling preview window helps you to check the quality down to the smallest detail - in realtime.

Material Synthesis!

Material Synthesis is more than just another feature. It solves the problem of visible texture repeat on large objects.

See the preview: http://youtu.be/Acw0_oX6eBY

Well connected.

xTex textures can be used with all common 3D programs. For Blender, Autodesk VRED, 3DsMax and Maya there is a direct connection available that lets you transfer complete materials with the push of a button. Browzwear's V-Stitcher and Lotta as well as Clo 3D Modelist can import xTex materials with metadata.

Finally a software without learning curve.

With xTex you can start to create materials right away. We carefully consider every single function of the interface before we implement it. You will see that working with xTex is as intuitive as playing with a smartphone.

A professional device that fits on your desktop.

Being small in its outer dimensions the xTex scanner can take in material swatches up to A4 size. And magnets make it easy to fix the samples to the capture plane.

For scanning we are using high class Nikon DSLR technology.

Built with the help of our trusted local suppliers the xTex scanner comes with CE mark for electronic safety and EMC compatibility.



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xTex Software
for Windows 8.1/7 (32/64-bit)

Release version: 152
Release date: 18 August 2015

Beta version: 161
Last update: 26 February 2016

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Sample Material Package

Set of 3 high quality sample materials
scanned with xTex.

Tutorials & Features

Quick Start Tutorial

Introduction to the most important xTex functions in only 9 minutes. Learn to make materials seamless with xTex and how they can be applied in Autodesk VRED.

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