Brilliant textures, easily.

The unbeatable combination: The xTex scanner captures material samples with unmatched accuracy and speed. And the software automatically creates textures from the data and provides the most useful tools for texture processing.

Features / Pricing

Material creation on the fast lane

Are you still using a flatbed scanner or a simple camera to capture materials?
With xTex you are equally fast and additionally get physically based textures of constant high quality.

xTex creates textures automatically: Color/Diffuse, Specular, Normal, Displacement, Roughness, Transparency/Alpha

Tiling is tedious?

Those days are past.
xTex does not only support you, it does almost everything itself. And the tiling preview window helps you to check the quality down to the smallest detail - in realtime.

You can choose between two types of special algorithms for automatic tiling - Stitching and Synthesis. Both create seamless textures and can be used intuitively, based on your input and the individual requirements of the material. With Synthesis you can even customize the output size and create large textures from small samples.

Well connected

xTex textures are universal and suitable for basically every 3D software.
For many programs we have even built a direct connection to transfer material data with the push of a button.

Direct connection is available for the following programs:
3DsMax, Maya, VRED (all Autodesk), Blender, Clo3D (by import), V-Stitcher (by import), Vidya (by import)

Internal 3D realtime viewport

Preview your textures and materials inside xTex. You can choose between different geometries and surroundings or even load your own.

The internal renderer is in realtime and OpenGL based. xTex ships with some base geometries (Sphere, Plane, Cloth) and environment textures but you can also load your own. Supported geoemtry format is Collada (.dae).

Connected with Photoshop

You will hardly ever need it - but xTex integrates well with Photoshop.

xTex sends single textures or entire materials to Photoshop. Do whatever you want to do and get the result back in xTex, with the push of a single button.

And finally all materials properly managed

You can now keep track of materials by connecting local storages or network drives.
Search for or filter materials by metadata and load them instantly.

xTex can automatically scan the file system for materials and make them available for instant access.


You can rent or buy xTex, and even use it as a service.

Please contact us for sales information for your country.

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