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Quality Fabric Measurements

Experience how our highly innovative physX™ platform provides physical parameters for 3D garment simulation. Instant access to quality measured fabric properties that are compatible with your 3D CAD software.

Accelerate Physical Property Acquisition

With physX™, you gain access to high-quality physical properties without running a measurement process.

While traditional fabric measurement processes require special hardware and take a significant amount of time (typically 45-60 minutes per 3D CAD application), physX™ makes high-end fabric for 3D apparel simulation more accessible. This speeds up the overall digitization process.

physX™ engine Auto Generation

Build your digital fabric library accurately and lightning fast with physX™ engine. Now you need less than a minute to automatically generate plausible fabric properties.

Just enter a few basic info points about your material (construction, composition, weight) and the suitable fabric parameters are created for you.

physX™ engine is the perfect tool for 3D Designers who do not want to slow down their creative process but still require a realistic fabric drape.

Instant Fabric Library Implementation

Working with a base fabric library helps to uphold consistent quality with minimal effort. physX™ database gives you access to default fabrics – compatible with your 3D software.

Browse intuitively through a thousand properties measured and verified by Vizoo. Filter by fabric type, construction, weight, etc and choose the fabric that matches what you have in-hand.

A standardized drape preview image supports not only the visual search but also serves as an additional quality assurance step.

Interoperable Properties with physX™ Conversion

Many 3D CAD applications have their own measurement processes and results, meaning fabrics must be measured multiple times.

Vizoo developed the physX™ conversion utility to solve this issue. The physX™ measurement process (with specialized hardware) enables you to collect a single set of parameters and then translate to multiple CAD formats.

Browzwear, CLO3D, Assyst, and z-emotion applications currently support measurements from this process.

Read the physX conversion press release

Why physX™?

Save Time

Generating or selecting parameters from physX™ takes less than a minute, whereas traditional measurement processes take up to an hour.

Reduce Cost

Save cost for testing equipment and the physical material samples needed.

Enable 3D Design

Increase the quality of your 3D apparel simulations by using accurate parameters.

Well Integrated

Properties from physX™ are currently supported in Browzwear, Assyst, or CLO3D with wider support coming soon.

Seamless Integration With xTex™

physX™ features can be accessed from within the xTex™ software and physical parameters are embedded directly into the U3M format providing a perfectly streamlined user experience.

This leverages the full potential of the U3M format for a fast and efficient workflow and keeps your material digitization workflow independent from 3rd party tools.

Read more about the U3M Material Format – the first open source format to combine visual and physical properties.

PhysX™ Platform Integrates With

BrowZwear V-Stitcher


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