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Unified 3D Material Format

The first open source format to combine visual and physical properties.
The universally compatible Unified 3D Material (U3M) format is widely adopted in the fashion industry and beyond. It facilitates sharing of material data between software tools as well as companies.

The Purpose of U3M

Aligned Visualization

U3M is based on a PBR shading standard, giving digital materials the same or similar appearance in every application.

Combined Physical and Visual Data

U3M enables 3D CAD vendors to embed their physical measurements directly into the file, simplifying the material creation process.

Efficient and Lean Workflow

U3M allows suppliers of digital assets to rely on a single fabric format serving all their customers, independent of the 3D application used.

Open Source

U3M’s openness and collaboration principle invites everyone to contribute.

Technical Information

U3M is developed on GitHub. Learn more at the links below.

Visit U3M WebsiteU3M on GitHub
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