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Utilize Our Expertise

Whether you need a foundation library for your product design process or exciting new digital material imagery to showcase and sell your fabrics or prints, we've got you covered. With years of experience in the industry, our team of experts will make your next digitization project successful.

Have Your Materials Digitized

Need your materials digitized for a pilot project, 3D implementation, or large scale scanning initiative?

Our on-demand material digitization service works with up to A2 swatch sizes and delivers universally compatible digital materials. No matter what scope and scale, material swatches can be sent to one of our service locations in our offices in Germany or the US and we’ll digitize them for you.

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Showcase Your Prints on Products

We understand that the first impression matters. That’s why we offer high-quality print render service. We create high-end imagery or video animations to make your artwork shine on different fabrics.

Contact us to discuss your print project.

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Bring Your Lookbook to Life

Today’s Lookbook is digital.

Leave behind the heavy, expensive material swatch books being shipped around the globe and bring your material samples into the digital world with our digital lookbook service.

Our templates are customizable to fit your business needs, and you can easily share PDF lookbooks with photo-realistic content to your business partner.

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Ready to Digitize Your Business?

Request a live demo, share your 3D project needs, or ask questions about our capabilities.

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