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Explore xTex™ material samples from our fashion prompts community page, access the Vizoo customer portal and FAQ.

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Download xTex™ material samples from Vizoo's community project, Fashion Prompts.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Is xTex™ available for purchase in my country?

Most likely! We export our xTex™ scanning system from our German factory to almost every country in the world.

What industries and applications can use an xTex™ scanner?

Anyone needing to convert a physical material into an accurate digital material for use in a 3D workflow can utilize our system.

Our scanners are used by many different brands in the fashion, automotive and interior industries. CG agencies, garment and footwear manufacturers, and fabric mills are also among our clients.

How do I purchase an xTex™ scanner?

Please call or write a message using the contact form linked below and we will send sales information for your country.

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Does Vizoo offer material scanning as a service?

Yes! Services are available from our office locations in Germany and the US as well as from other scanning hubs worldwide.

Please contact us for pricing and instructions for sending materials for scanning.

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Where can I see the xTex™ scanning system in action?

Our technology can be seen at various technology events, our main office in Germany, and most of our offical reseller locations.

We also conduct convenient live demonstrations via web meeting.

Can I rent an xTex™ scanner?

For rental options, please contact us to see what is available for your region.

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Is it difficult to learn xTex™?

Our goal is to make digitizing materials for 3D workflows accessible for everyone. We developed xTex™ with this in mind to make the hardware and software as easy to use as possible. Our basic training which covers the essentials for producing high quality digital materials takes 1 day.

Does Vizoo offer xTex™ training and certification?

We offer basic and advanced trainings to make you an expert in material digitization. For professional users looking to prove their skills to clients and employers, we also offer a full certification program.

Do I need an xTex™ scanner to work with xTex™ software?

There are many ways to work with xTex™. If you need physically based textures of high quality, using our scanner along with our software is probably the best solution for you.

That said, it is also possible to use our software with images from other devices, such as flatbed scanners or digital cameras. While you will not receive physically correct depth or reflectance information with this method, you can still create and apply seamless materials very efficiently.

Is it difficult to set up and maintain an xTex™ scanner?

Scanner setup is very simple and only takes a few minutes with the xTex™ A4. Our larger xTex™ A2 device ships disassembled due to its size and must be assembled on-site, but our expert technicians guide you through the process via live video conference for a smooth installation.

Once the systems are set up, you may need to clean out dust and lint from the scanner drawer occasionally, but other than that, they are practically maintenance free and do not have any consumable parts that need to be replaced on a regular basis.

What cameras are compatible with the xTex™ scanner?

xTex™ uses the Nikon SDK to automatically control the camera during the capture process. This means it is not possible to connect cameras other than specifically supported Nikon models.
Depending on the xTex™ scanner model, we currently support the Nikon D810, D850, or the mirrorless Nikon Z7 series.

What resolutions and output formats are available from xTex™?

Resolution: From 340 dpi up to ~1000 dpi

Texture image formats: JPG, PNG, TIFF (8 or 16 bit)

Other formats: U3M, U3MA, xTex, SBS, SBSAR, MDL

Contact us to request full specifications:

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Can I scan materials from assembled products like shoes or garments?

xTex™ can capture most materials as long as the surface to be captured can be placed flat in the scanner drawer.

This means you may need to disassemble objects such as shoes to flatten the target area or use the larger xTex™ A2 for capturing from garments that don’t fit in the xTex™ A4 drawer.

What are the minimum and maximum material dimensions xTex™ can capture?

You can capture items that are a minimum of 1 mm up to A2 document size depending on the features you need to capture and the xTex™ device you are using.
Please follow the hardware comparison link below for more details and to request full specification documents.

What are the operating conditions for the xTex™ scanner?

A normal office environment is ideal.

Here are more specific operation environment specifications:

  • ONLY use in dry rooms.
  • Temperature: 0 to max. 40 °C
  • Operating humidity: 0% to 80 % r.F, non-condensing
  • Operating altitude: 0 to 2000m above sea level

Is xTex™ compatible with Mac OS?

xTex™ software is only developed for Microsoft Windows and is not compatible with Mac OS.

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