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Trim hours of manual Photoshop tiling work with Vizoo xTex™ Software.
Your state-of-the-art solution for automatic texture processing.

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Powerful Texture Creation

xTex™ is the smartest and most powerful texture processing software on the market. It can be used standalone or in combination with xTex™ hardware. Connected to xTex™ Hardware, it automatically generates high-quality PBR texture maps from a material’s visual properties.

The power of a Seamless Repeat

3D realism suffers when textures are not tiled properly.

Texture tiling doesn’t have to be a hassle. Using best in class pattern recognition algorithms, xTex™ easy and intuitive texture tiling solution create seamless textures for organic structures or synthetic patterns.

Digital Color Dyeing

Generate realistic color variations of yarn dyes and multicolored materials on the fly.

The built-in recoloring feature with advanced color separation algorithms detects all colors in your material so you can replace them with a click of a button.

Import Any Image

Already have a flatbed scanner or camera setup in place?

Even without xTex™ hardware, a xTex™ Design license provides a cost effective solution for efficient texture processing.

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Generate Photo-Realistic Images

xTex™ is the only software you need to create amazing 3D images for your material library or online store.

Using the built-in render feature and 3D scenes you can render beautiful, photo-realistic images or stunning product previews that will wow your customers.

Adding Fabric Simulation Properties

Digital fabrics used in the Apparel industry require more than visual accuracy. Physical properties information is another aspect making the true-to-life fabric simulation possible. xTex™ software provides you with several options to add physical properties intuitively and fast.

Learn about physX™

Universally Compatible

Regardless of your industry or the software you use, xTex™ digital materials are compatible.

xTex™ supports the capture and texture output of both Phong (Specular) and Metalness (PBR) workflows with its .xTex and .U3M project files. In addition it exports Substance SBS and SBSAR, Nvidia’s MDL format.

All these formats can be created with standard 8 or 16 bit images saved as .jpg, .png, and .tif.

Compare xTex™ Software Licenses

14 Day Trial

Connect to xTex™ scanner
Import images (10k max)
Seamless tiling (10k max)
Recolor tool

xTex™ Design

Connect to xTex™ scanner
Import images (10k max)
Seamless tiling (10k max)
Recolor tool

xTex™ Production

Connect to xTex™ scanner
Import images
Seamless tiling
Recolor tool

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