Crop material.

A complete toolset for texture processing.

The xTex software works with scanned textures, or with any other image.

Best in class tiling algorithms

Use the most elaborate tools to create seamless textures.
You can select between 3 different algorithms to achieve the best possible result for any use case.

Seamlessly tiled texture in xTex

Our algorithms can be used intuitively, based on your input and the individual requirements of the material.
With Synthesis and Pattern Recognition you can even customize the output size and create large textures from small samples.

Tired of Photoshop and Crazybump?

You can now profit from the unbeaten xTex workflow even if you do not own one of our scanners.
Use images from the internet, from a flatbed scanner or a digital camera and create seamless materials* faster than ever before.

Different texture maps in xTex

* In "single image" mode, the textures are calculated based on information taken from the source image.

Easy recoloring

You have different color variations of one material? No need to scan them seperately – with xTex you can easily recolor your materials.

Material in different color variations

The recoloring tool automatically detects the colors in the image.

Internal 3D realtime viewport

Preview your textures and materials inside xTex. You can choose between different geometries and surroundings or even load your own.

3D preview of a material in xTex

The internal renderer is in realtime and OpenGL based. xTex comes with some base geometries (Sphere, Plane and Cloth) and environment textures but you can also load your own. Supported geometry format is Collada (.dae).

Well connected

xTex textures are universal and suitable for basically every 3D software.
For some programs we have built a direct connection* to transfer material data with the push of a button.
In addition, xTex writes Substance (.sbsar, .sbs) and Nvidia's MDL (.mdl) files.

Transferring a material from xTex to VRED

* Direct connection is available for the following programs:
Autodesk VRED, Blender, Clo3D (by import), Browzwear V-Stitcher (by import), Assyst Vidya (by import).

Advanced editing with Photoshop

You will hardly ever need it – but xTex integrates well with Photoshop.

Transferring a material from xTex to Photoshop

xTex sends single textures or entire materials to Photoshop. After editing you get the result back in xTex.


Try xTex free for 30 days or go for a perpetual license.


Free 30-day trial
  • Try the full version of xTex
  • Use pre-scanned materials


Full version of xTex
  • Single user or floating license
  • Read and write xTex materials
  • Seamless tiling
  • Recolor multicolored materials
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