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Validated and Repeatable Digitization

Digital workflows involving multiple parties require trustworthy processes. Vizoo's universal certification program enables reliable, repeatable digital asset creation.

Building Trust in 3D

Vizoo’s universal certification program creates standards for digitization, which companies can leverage internally and externally.

“The growing demand for digitization services has quickly brought many service providers on the market, with varying levels of quality. With such a broad range of results, it can be difficult for brands and their partners to trust digital processes. This is why we have established the certification program where we thoroughly test and audit the material digitization teams”, says Renate Eder, CCO, Vizoo GmbH

Read about MAS, our first certified digitization service partner, and the Vizoo certification process in our case study: MAS Digitization

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Who Should Get Certified?

We recommend certification for the following segments when working operationally with xTex technology regularly.

Material Suppliers

With digital workflows becoming the default for may Brands, many of them are leaning on their suppliers to provide accurate digital twins of their materials. Certify your scanning staff to increase quality and meet client demands.


As with material suppliers, an increasing number of brands are leaning on their manufacturing partners when scaling their digitization efforts. Elevate the accuracy of your results and value to your clients with Vizoo’s certification process.


Brands realize the enormous value digitization adds to the efficiency and stability of their workflows. Get the most out of your in-house digitization efforts by certifying your Design, Material Development, or 3D teams.

Certified Digitization Hubs

Dozens of service hubs all around the world are use xTex digitization technology. Some of them have enrolled in the Vizoo certification programme to prove their quality workflow. These hubs are listed here.



Bureau 555 specializes in 3D fabric digitization, aiding brands and manufacturers in creating digital garments. They employ rapid digital workflows to cut down lead times, costs, and waste in the supply chain. Their services include Material Digitisation, 3D Sampling, Pattern & Block Library Conversion, and Digital Transformation Consulting.

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Sri Lanka

MAS Holdings is a $2Bn global apparel tech conglomerate providing concept-to-delivery solutions for the world’s leading apparel brands.

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Masterkey Virtual Fashion


Masterkey Virtual Fashion delivers state-of-the-art digitization solutions and consultancy services that transform the way fashion is created, enabling designers to bring their visions to life with unparalleled precision and speed.

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Matrix is a sourcing specialist founded in 1992 with 30 years of industry acumen, boasting one of the largest sourcing networks. Their portfolio spans a wide range of sectors, from textiles, fashion, home to supply chain solutions.

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VVC offers a multitude of services that revolve around testing equipment for quality control. Proximity, quality advice and complete customer support are the base of what the company offers.

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