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Bureau555 Awarded Vizoo Scanning Hub Certification, Breaks Ground in Material Digitization Movement in Bangladesh

March 13, 2024

Starting only two years ago, Bureau555’s two founders Gabrielle Shiner-Hill and Nusrat Mahmud had the vision to make digital technologies accessible throughout the apparel supply chain, offering material digitization, 3D Sampling, Pattern & Block Library Conversion, and digitalization consulting via its commercial arm.

With its certification as a Vizoo Scanning Hub, the company earns its place to be a center of proven excellence in material digitization that’s aligned with the highest global standards.

“As fabric digitization gains ground, the demand has attracted many players into the market – but with quality variations,” Renate Eder, Chief Commercial Officer of Vizoo, shares. “With a standardized certification for digital material creation, we are empowering service providers to offer the highest quality of digital materials to their clientele.”

Bureau555 is already equipped with Vizoo’s xTex™ material scanners and xTex™ software, and measurement devices for physical parameters for Browzwear and CLO3D.

To qualify for the certification, the entire team at Bureau555 went through a rigorous training program designed by Vizoo that honed and tested their capability to produce realistic digital materials.

We’re extremely proud of the dedication of our team to take us this far. Their constant pursuit of excellence in quality is proof of our solid commitment to deliver the best to our customers.

Gabrielle Shiner-HillCo-founder of Bureau555

The Timeless Secret to Superior Quality

As material digitization grows to be a standard component across product creation in apparel, more players across the supply chain recognize that some things remain timelessly important- especially deep knowledge and experience in textile.

Understanding fabric fundamentals might sound like a baseline expectation, but to the team at Bureau555, it continues to be key to bringing fabric into the digital world.

To Nusrat Mahmud, co-founder of Bureau555, textile digitization skills are here as a complement rather than replacement for a trained eye in physical textiles.

Our goal is to forge workable, yet relatable, connections between the digital and physical in the supply chain. Digital, in our opinion, is always complementary to the physical. They co-exist to make design & product development more collaborative, economic, and well timed.

Nusrat MahmudCo-founder of Bureau555

For Gabrielle Shiner-Hill, co-founder of Bureau555, the secret lies in the people in the team. She adds, “We pride ourselves as being textile people first, and then digital material people second. Without these two skill sets aligning together, it’s almost impossible to achieve consistency and superiority in textile quality whether in the physical or in the digital space.”

Max Schmidt, co-founder of 1701 Bespoke, just one of the many satisfied clients of the company, shares:

“This incredible company took my fabrics to a whole new level by scanning them into stunningly detailed 3D textures. The quality of their scans is simply mind-blowing, capturing every tiny nuance and texture with astonishing precision. It’s like they breathed life into my fabrics, giving me a whole new perspective on their beauty and intricacy.”

Bureau555 considers this as one of their key differentiators coupled with their philosophy of putting people first before the process. To the company, it’s important to see its customers and team-members at eye-level and focus on doing things right for them.

A Sharp Focus on the Future, While Honoring the Past

Currently, the company’s commercial services focus on the needs of the apparel supply chain, while its non-profit arm seeks to forward its mission towards sustainable fashion through working with educational institutions such as  UAL , Arts University of Bournemouth, the Ravensborne University London , and many more.

Bureau555 also takes a pioneering role in the preservation of heritage craft industry in Bangladesh. Uncovering a unique use case for material digitization, the company is currently laying the foundations for the digitization & documentation of endangered textiles. This initiative is coupled with efforts to enhance digital accessibility & ensure the digital preservation of these invaluable cultural artifacts.

About Our Certification Program

Vizoo’s universal certification program enables reliable, repeatable digital asset creation by creating digitization standards that companies can leverage internally and externally to elevate trust in digital workflows involving multiple parties.

Learn more about this program and our certified partners.

About Vizoo

Vizoo is the leading supplier of solutions for the physically accurate digitization of material swatches in the fashion, sportswear and lingerie industry. Since 2013, the company has helped fashion brands and their supply chain to digitize their material processes and create digital twins of physical material samples. Their technologies are widely used from 3D Design to eCommerce in 45+ countries globally.

Vizoo Home Page

About Bureau555

Founded in February 2022, Bureau555 was founded by Gabrielle Shiner-Hill and Nusrat Mahmud at the height of the pandemic from a realization that there was a pressing need for a fast and inclusive digital product development services in the apparel industry. It seeks to build a sustainable and resilient future through making digital technologies accessible across players in the supply chain. Its commercial services include material digitization (3D fabric digitization including physical properties & 2D-3D fabric design conversion), 3D Garment Sampling, Pattern & Block Library conversion, and consulting.

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