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MAS Becomes the First Material Digitization Services Partner Globally to be Accredited by Vizoo

June 2, 2023

Digital Product Creation (DPC) is on a growth trajectory in the apparel industry. With the boost from the pandemic era to move to a more agile and efficient product creation process, brands and supply chain partners are building capabilities to drive end-to-end digital sampling. With DPC, brands can enjoy dramatically faster time to market, positively influencing product newness and profitability. Such value is only created with true-to-life digital twins that can represent the physical garment both visually and technically. Digital materials play a crucial role in demonstrating the accurate textures, colors, and properties of the materials that eventually influence the look and fit of the garment.

Material digitization is a key focus area in our Digital Product Creation journey, and Vizoo’s technology enables us to achieve a realistic appearance in our materials second to none. This certification assures our processes to digitize materials are aligned to the highest industrial standards, strengthening the confidence in the quality of our process amongst the brands we service.

Tharindu MeemadumaDirector of Innovation at MAS

Seeing an increasing demand for digital materials, MAS established a dedicated material digitization unit in 2020 to provide high-quality property and texture scanning services across its apparel and supply chain divisions. The unit has now been accredited by Vizoo recognizing the standards and quality of MAS’ material digitization process.

With years of expertise in DPC, MAS now has the capability to build digital twins across multiple stages of sampling, such as concept, prototypes, color, and salesman samples. Their mission is to enable as many digital decisions as possible and build in expertise in digital to physical translation to achieve a first-time-right physical product at every stage of sampling. Leveraging this capability, MAS develops over 3,000 unique digital styles annually.

Digital Product Creation is a part of our future-proofing strategy, and we are constantly improving our skill set and process to enhance the value created through digital twins. This means identifying and investing in adjacent capabilities that would help us get there faster. The material digitization center is one such area where we saw the opportunity to strengthen our goal of end-to-end Digital Product Creation by offering world-class material digitization services under one roof.

Anupama FernandoGroup Lead DPC at MAS

With years of expertise in fabric digitization technology, Vizoo has been a strategic partner to MAS, working together to build a world-class digitization unit. Today, their scan hub is equipped with Vizoo’s xTex™ material scanners and xTex™ software, measurement devices for physical parameters for Browzwear and Clo 3D, along with other quality control devices.

We hear a lot from brands that their vendors would not invest in digital. However, I must say that I do not share this view. MAS is one of the examples where digital solutions are adopted not just on request. In this case, digitization is influenced and driven by the vendor partner.

Renate EderCCO of Vizoo

From Renate’s prior experience with Adidas and 6 years at Vizoo, Renate is aware that it is not only about using the correct tools. Unfortunately, sometimes the discussion is too focused on the tool being the problem solver instead of thinking about how to best implement innovative technology. However, the skillset of the users combined with efficient processes is what results in high-quality services.

The growing demand for digitization services has quickly put many service providers on the market, with varying quality. With a universal certification program, Vizoo is influencing the industry with global standards for digitization.

With more brands and vendors working in 3D, Vizoo saw the need to create a certification program for digital material creation. “We need reliability when multiple parties are involved in the digital product creation process,” stresses Renate Eder, CCO of Vizoo. “Users must be able to trust digital assets to benefit from them.”

The certification program by Vizoo is a comprehensive and practical approach in validating the quality and standards of the digitization process. With all the necessary knowledge and guidelines from Vizoo along with our decades of knowhow in physical product and material development, we have been able to incorporate best practices to provide a superior digitization service across our 50 plus brands.

Hasini WeerasingheSenior Associate Digital Evangelist at MAS

Vizoo is looking to expand its certification program towards more service and scanning hubs to support the Digitization-as-a-Service industry. However, the certification is not limited to service centers. Brands and suppliers are interested in signing up for a certification course to train their staff, improve their internal processes and contribute to eliminating the skill gap in the industry.

About Our Certification Program

Vizoo’s universal certification program enables reliable, repeatable digital asset creation by creating digitization standards that companies can leverage internally and externally to elevate trust in digital workflows involving multiple parties.

Learn more about this program and our certified partners.

About Vizoo

Vizoo is the leading supplier of solutions for the physically accurate digitization of material swatches in the fashion, sportswear and lingerie industry. Since 2013, the company has helped fashion brands and their supply chain to digitize their material processes and create digital twins of physical material samples. Their technologies are widely used from 3D Design to eCommerce in 45+ countries globally.

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About MAS

MAS Holdings is a $2Bn global apparel tech conglomerate providing concept-to-delivery solutions for the world’s leading apparel brands.

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