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Oasis Garment Co Ltd
& The Bridgt Atelier
Vizoo Material Scanning Certification

June 26, 2024

Oasis Garment Co. Ltd. has carved its own niche in producing technically intricate and materially diverse outerwear. As it looks into the future, the company wants to lead the path into the new era of garment production.

This focus on innovation is embodied by The Bridgt Atelier, a Digital Resource Hub established by Oasis Garment in 2019. The Atelier is a cornerstone of their digital transformation efforts, offering services such as Digital Product and Asset Design, 3D Garment Design Training, third-party certification, and Digital Quality Assessment.

Vizoo Certification: A Testament to Excellence

The Vizoo Material Digitization Certification validates The Bridgt Atelier’s ability to create precise and realistic digital materials. The certification process includes rigorous training, ensuring that teams can accurately digitize fabrics, making digital samples virtually indistinguishable from their physical counterparts.

“We’re proud to award this certification to the team at The Bridgt Atelier,” shares Eleanor Yeh, 3D Consultant at Vizoo. “We’ve seen the dedication of the team since day one to meet superior quality standards and build their team competency.”

This certification by Vizoo is a significant achievement for our team at The Bridgt Atelier. It not only highlights our expertise in fabric digitization but also enhances the value we offer through our comprehensive digital services.

Ibrahim OzsoyCo-Founder of The Bridgt Atelier and Chairman & CEO at Oasis Garment

The Unique Approach of The Bridgt Atelier

One of the distinctive features of The Bridgt Atelier is its commitment to creating digital samples that are true to their physical counterparts in both appearance and behavior. This dedication stems from extensive training and analysis to understand the nuances of digital and physical fabric interactions, culminating in the development of what they term ‘Digital Twin.’

Moreover, The Bridgt Atelier supports local educational institutions, fostering a community of innovation and learning. Their collaboration with like-minded partners aims to elevate the standards of digital sampling, benefiting the broader apparel industry.

Transforming the Apparel Industry

Fabric digitization at Oasis Garment is not just about efficiency, it’s about transforming the entire production process. By reducing reliance on physical samples, Oasis Garment can minimize waste, streamline supply chain collaboration, and speed up the time-to-market for new designs. This approach not only conserves resources but also offers greater creative freedom for designers to experiment in virtual environments.

Leading the Way Forward

The Vizoo Material Digitization Certification positions Oasis Garment and The Bridgt Atelier as leaders in digital innovation within the apparel sector. It empowers them to push the boundaries of creativity and precision, offering their partners unparalleled opportunities for innovation.

“We are excited about the possibilities this new accreditation brings,” Ozsoy added. “At Oasis Garment, we aim to shape the global garment industry with our dedication to innovation and sustainability practices.

About Our Certification Program

Vizoo’s universal certification program enables reliable, repeatable digital asset creation by creating digitization standards that companies can leverage internally and externally to elevate trust in digital workflows involving multiple parties.

Learn more about this program and our certified partners.

About Vizoo

Vizoo is the leading provider of solutions for the accurate digitization of material swatches in the fashion, sportswear, and lingerie industries. Since 2013, Vizoo has assisted fashion brands and their supply chains in digitizing material processes and creating digital twins of physical samples. Their technologies are utilized globally, from 3D design to eCommerce.

Vizoo Home Page

About Oasis Garment Co Ltd

Oasis Garment Co Ltd (Vietnam) specializes in manufacturing jackets and coats, with a strong emphasis on innovation in product development and manufacturing methods. The Bridgt Atelier, their Digital Resource Hub, delivers state-of-the-art digitization solutions and consultancy services, transforming the creation process in fashion and enabling designers to bring their visions to life with unmatched precision and speed.

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