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Material Digital Twins

Bring Your Projects Fashion Footwear Automotive ArchVis to Life

Achieve photo-realism in your digitization project with xTex™ material solutions from Vizoo – the key ingredient of every successful 3D project.

Transform Your Business with 3D Materials

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Why Vizoo Technology?

High Quality

Complete, high-quality digital materials bring photo-realism to any 3D workflow.

Lightning Fast

Vizoo’s xTex™ and physX™ provide the fastest and easiest material digitization solutions available to enable scaling and mass production.

Universally Compatible

Capture once and use everywhere. Our universal output works with any 3D software, process, or workflow.


As a proven and long-standing digitization solution, clients trust Vizoo systems in mission critical initiatives.

Made in Germany

Vizoo hardware and software solutions are engineered and developed in-house to meet industry specific needs.

High Value

High quality output, ease of use, and speed add up to a fast return on investment.

Our Solutions at a Glance

xTex™ Hardware

PBR Texture Generation

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xTex™ Software

Capture, Tile, Recolor

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physX™ Platform

Physical Property Database

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Digitization Service

On-demand Digitization

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Artistic Milliners, headquartered in Pakistan, is a multinational denim manufacturing powerhouse with a strong focus on automation, innovation, people, and the planet.
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Masterkey Virtual Fashion Obtains Vizoo Material Digitization Partner Accreditation

Masterkey Virtual Fashion Obtains Vizoo Material Digitization Partner Accreditation
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Texprocess 2024
Frankfurt – April 23-26

At Texprocess in Frankfurt, international manufacturers of technologies, accessories, and services for garment manufacturing and…

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